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12 Amazing Ways You Can Monitor, Control, & Alarm Your Home

The rate at which technology grows today is staggering! When a computer that’s only 3 years old is considered “old”, you know that technology is constantly improving and moving at an astronomical pace. And such is the case in the security industry as well. Home security and automation products of 2012 have vastly improved over the same products from just a few years prior.

For example, most new motion sensors are dual technology meaning they take both heat and movement to trip making your pets immune up to 135 pounds whereas motion sensors of the past would have frequent false alarms due to the house cat going for a midnight stroll.

Today’s smart phone technology has vastly improved the way in which you can monitor your home security. With the touch of a button on your iPhone or Android, you can remotely arm your security system, adjust the thermostat, or lock your front door.

So if you’ve ever considered having home security and automation products installed in your home, you are in for a real treat because when our customers learn about the amazing new, interactive gadgets that we have available, they get excited like children with brand new toys! The easiest way for you to learn more about our products is to download the eBook above: 12 Amazing Ways You Can Monitor, Control, and Alarm Your Home.

But if you don’t wish to be added to our e-newsletter, that’s fine too because over the past few months we’ve actually shared all of the tips right here on this blog. Check it out below:

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Once you’ve had a chance to fiddle around with our products and realize the power and control that you have at your finger tips, get a free quote. If you’re a new customer and you decide to enroll in a 36 month monitoring agreement, we’ll even throw in a free monitored smoke detector AND a $100 Gift Card!


P.S. Happy Halloween!!

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